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May 18, 2009

Teenager's Room Design:

Teenager's room is a space where they study,relax hang out with friends and family and spend their quality time.

Hence placement of all things properly and decorating a teenagers bedroom is a challenging task.
They have their specific needs in terms of comfort and also privacy.
The main consideration while decorating the room is that teenagers never get bored and it matches with interior decoration of the house as well.

Paints on the walls:
The walls should not be painted in regular pattern without any motifs or theme.
It is always better to have a theme in their rooms- a theme that they feel happy with or comfortable in living in that space-the main themes which are good for these types of rooms are beachside,jungle,flowers,cars,space, etc Depending on whether the room is for a teenage girl or a boy the theme can be selected.
Use different paint colors so that teenagers never get bored of the room. You can draw mural on the wall or choose a theme such as sports theme, universal theme for boys as they love playing. For girl’s room princess or flower themes work well. Use purple or blue color for boy’s room and pink, green or blue color for girl’s room.

Place stylish modern furniture.The furniture should go well with the basic theme of the room and at same time have comfort and lots of storage. Try to design or buy furniture that saves some space inside so that they have enough of free space for him/her.
The bed in the room may be wrought iron or platform bed or can be a day bed which becomes full size double bed at night or futon bed that provides sofa-style seating during day time and can become a full bed at night. Also you can place night stand beside the bed and can set comfy chair in teenage bedroom for relaxation. Wardrobes are very important element for teenage bedroom to store their clothes and other items of their personal use.

Make a Proper Study Area:
Teenagers’ room also includes study area where they study. Teenagers have their different ways to study. Either they want to study in combined study-bed room or study in a separate room. It is better to have study area at some distance from the bed or in corner of the room. There should be a comfortable study table which should be ergonomic with lots of shelves and cabinets at their easy reach.

In a teenager's room, it is better to have some warm and cosy flooring.Carpets or rugs matching with the d├ęcor of the bedroom make it look cozy and warm. Carpet is the most important choice for floors and they give opulent feel to the room.
Sometimes it is better to have some vinyl/wooden flooring done to the room, so that they can even sit on the floors at times and work on their study or projects etc.

Lighting should be proper and nice. Task Lighting & Candle Lamps can be used for the purpose.A variety of lighting has different effects in the room. You can use candle lamps that gives elegant look to teenagers’ bedroom. You can use task lighting or ample lights for reading. You can also use funky lamps in teenage bedroom.

The color of walls also affects lighting. Paint walls in light colors instead of dark colors as they absorb light of the room.
Reading light/study table light should be bright and white.Other lights like hanging, focused, spot lights on shelves and focusing on some of their artwork etc may give a nice look to the room.

The furnishings of a teenagers room should be selected carefully and according to their choice and theme of the room.
To select nice looking curtains depends on teenagers’ choice in their room. You can use colored sheer curtains, blinds, curtains with valances or swag and jabots curtains in teenager’s bedroom. But choose curtains according to the theme of the room such as butterfly theme, princess theme or flowers theme for girls whereas sports theme, space ship theme etc. for boys.

Other Design Tips:

Apply Fresh Flowers:
Teenagers are attracted towards the charm of flowers-specially girls. They take inspiration of love and beauty from them. The flowers placed on bedside table or in small or large vase spread fragrance throughout the room. They refresh mind and body and give fresh feel for beauty and love of nature.

Use Beautiful Mirror:
Mirrors are useful in teenagers’ bedroom. A dressing table, mirror or wardrobe works well in the room to observe self performance or beauty. It is used for both storage and enrichment of good looks.

Seating beside a window:
If possible have a nice cosy seating just beside the window. At the window sill position have some nice seating with comfortable cushions and throw rugs.

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