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May 12, 2009

Pooja Room Vastu:

Pooja room is a place where we worship God for peace and prosperity. Ishanya or north-east is governed by God and is an excellent location for pooja room. Locating ‘Pooja room’ in north-east brings prosperity, good health, wealth, happiness and peace of mind. North-east is auspicious for other reasons. In morning sunrays fall directly from north-east and give us positive energy.

Location of Pooja Room

North-east is an excellent location for Pooja room. Pooja room in north quadrant provides good results. You can opt east, north and north-east for pooja room. Avoid other directions if possible. Special pooja’s can be performed in Brahmasthana (center of house). In big plots, pooja room can be in Brahmasthan (central portion) of the house. Pooja room should not be inside bed room. It should not be made above, below or next to toilet or kitchen. It should be on ground floor, not on first floor or in basement. Avoid Pooja Room under the stairs.

Planning a Pooja Room

Doors and windows of pooja room should be in North and East. Doors of pooja room should have two shutters. The doors should not have any door closer. There should be a ventilator. Walls of pooja room should be painted in white, light yellow or light blue color. The floor of pooja room should be of white or off white marble. Cupboard for placing things should be in South or West of pooja room. It is beneficial to have a threshold in pooja room.

Interior of Pooja Room

Idols of God should be kept in north-east portion of pooja room. The idols should not face one another and the door of pooja room also. The two idols of same god should not be placed in pooja room. The idols should be 1 inch away from walls. ‘Kalash’ or water body is in North or East of the room. ‘Deepak’, lamp and ‘Agni’ kund are in south-east. We should face East while worshiping. Avoid keeping heavy idols in pooja room. Cluttered and broken idols should not be placed in pooja room. Avoid photos of dead people in pooja room. Keep pooja room clean and clutter free. There should be one pooja room in a house. The room should not be used for other purposes like storage or other room.


Rhett said...

Very informative. My dadi is much into this so I will relate this to her. What do you do?

ananya said...

thanks Rhett for your comments :)
I am an architect and interior designer by profession..

Rhett said...

Which is quite interesting because you have quite a flair for writing!
Do you use Google Talk?

Prabhu said...

Thanks for sharing information. If there are more than one idol of a particular god what do we do with them? How about god pictures? Can we have more than one god picture in the pooja room?


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