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June 25, 2009

Some facts about use of mirrors in interiors:

Mirrors when used add up to the illusion of a certain space.
Use of mirrors add elegance and beauty to any room.
Proper selection of mirrors with nice arrangements give the interior a brightness and self identity.

Some facts about use of mirrors in interiors:
* We can use mirrors in a single piece or in multiple strips or pieces giving a broken reflection of a space.
* Mirrors with frames are a good wall art instead of a picture
* Mirrors are available in varied styles, frames, sizes
* Can create drama in a living room if used properly ie by reflecting the image of an image
* Sizes like square, oval , round, flower, Disney character cutouts , symmetrical asymmetrical all are available
* Main use of mirrors in living areas, staircases, hallway, lobby , children' room, in small spaces apart from its regular use in bathrooms or in bedrooms
* Frame less mirrors are trendy but frames add to an antique traditional loook
* Even etching on the outer border or coloured edges act as frames that look contemporary

Type, Style and Size of mirrors:
Select mirrors according to the theme of the room where you want to place it.
Whether the room is contemporary or traditional, rustic or chic-will decide the type of the mirror that suits the the interior.
The mirrors selected does not necessarily mean that they have to be big and single piece mirrors.They can be in strips and panels of mirrors fitted to the wall to give a dramatic look to the the interior.

Single piece of mirror if used in house should not be bigger that your height. Also I feel instead of having a full big mirror it is always good to have pieces of mirrors fitted together. Then the chance of damage of the full mirror will not be there.Even if the mirror is broken then it will be a single smaller piece which can be repaired easily and the cost will also not be too much.
Panels like 1'x1' or 8"x8" squares look nice when fitted together with grooves in between.
Another type of mirror panels used nowadays are beveled mirrors. when used together they give the look of a nice surface.

Areas/Places where mirrors are used in general for decorative purposes:
Mirrors are generally used for decorative purposes in living areas, dining area, staircases, hallway, lobby , children' room, in small spaces like below staircases
Also use of mirrors in wardrobe shutters/bedroom doors etc are in vogue nowadays which look vibrant and nice.The shutters of wardrobes look different if mirror panels are used for decorative purposes.They are not for utility purpose of dressing etc which we see in general, but essentially for decorative purpose only which reflects light and gives a different look overall.
Also in bar areas and wine cabinets/crockery unit if they are used they reflect light(if spot lights are used above the shelves)

To sum up mirrors nowadays have become almost an essential part of the interior decor.
Use of right style, type of mirrors in right place spruce up the grand and stylish look of the interior

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