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May 12, 2009

Designs for Pooja Spaces:

Nowadays with constraints of spaces in our apartments we are really confused how and where to ideally place our pooja room and how to get a corner for a pooja space

Now here are some tips for finding out a space for the pooja.

  • We can have the pooja space designed below a wardrobe of the guest bedroom or in master bedroom
  • There has to be proper lights a dn 5amps point for diyas or some electrical fitting that can be plugged in the pooja cabinet.
  • Have a nice drawer at the floor level which can be used for keeping some pooja objects
  • The pooja space can also be designed sometimes below the crockery unit in the dining space.
  • Have some decorative lights on the top of the pooja space and this becommes a show piece in itself for a urban living/dining room with a nice deity placed properly with etched glasses or coloured glasses at the back of the unit.
  • Another position and design which can be implemented in an urban living space and a small apartment is having just two glass shutters at a corner position in a living or dining space in an apartment.
  • The stained glass or frosted glass shutters should be just 6ft in height and creates a sense of enclosure in the pooja space

Hence using some imagination try to combine more that one utilities in the woodwork of your apartment interiors.They save the space at the same time has an aesthetic appeal if designed prperly and user friendly.

Some design ideas for the pooja room doors/shutters:
  • Have nice etchings done on the shutters
  • Have stained glasses fitted to the doors
  • Have some decorative bells or diyas hanging on the doors.
  • Have some hooks or clips to fix some hanging candle holders or garlands of flower.
  • have some decorative spot lights above the entrance door/shutter
  • Put some uplights at the back of the panels so that the inside of the enclosure looks illuminated and the ceiling is illuminated too.

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