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April 2, 2009

Tips for Bedroom Ceiling:

Generally we style our ceilings in living areas and in dining rooms but forget to give
much emphasis on the bedroom ceilings.

Now according to my opinion this is the most important ceiling in the entire house.
As you only see the ceiling as the most important feature when you lie down in bed.
A stimulating ceiling in bedroom not only cherishes the mood but makes an impression of
large space also. It often gives a pleasant feel and nice look.

We should give proper importance to the bedroom ceilings.

Depending on the type of bedrooms you can think about the decoration of the ceiling.
  • In master bedroom you can have nice spot lights or paint it nicely.
  • In guest rooms hightlight the ceiling by painting it brightly.
  • In kid's room you can have innovative false ceilings done and paint sky or jungle or any theme that your kids like.

Painting Ceiling:
Paint ceiling in a soft color it can be a lighter version of wall color to create a pleasant
appearance. Or else it can even be dark blue or green if your bedroom is nice and big.
As bedroom ceiling is watched more than the ceilings of other rooms, select color trends
that your inner desire expresses.

The shades of medium to dark browns are perfect for bedroom because these shades
nurture and satisfy our spirits. Make use of beiges, browns and tans because they are
earthier and reflect the colors of rock, stone and soil. A combination of greens and
brown is a great for bedroom because of warmth and cozy feeling in your room. Pick
right shades of green because some shades are not flattering to skin tone.

Useful Tips for Color Selection
  • Opt for the color that is lighter than wall color to make bedrooms with low ceiling harmonious and spacious. Use a darker shade to make rooms with high ceiling look appealing.
  • Choose monochromatic theme for fresh look. You can pick a color that is two or three tones lighter than the color of your bedroom walls for tranquil look.
  • Go for white ceilings which the people usually tend to do but it is conventional.
  • Opt for a ceiling color that is in contrast with wall color like combination of light pink and mauve color for different look.
  • Add a subtle shade of wall color to your bedroom ceiling to give room a soft and serene atmosphere.
  • Use ceiling as a place for visual expression; create an overhead view of pleasant blue sky or pattern your ceiling with colors and shapes that match up with the d├ęcor of the room for dramatic look.
  • Make a choice for superb ceiling light or even a crystal chandelier that will add a patterned effect to the ceiling.

False Ceiling:
  • False ceiling gives the total new look to a ceiling design.Specially for bedrooms they can be designed nicely and in an innovative way to enhance the space and look it more peaceful.
  • Have nice spot lights in false ceiling to reflect the bed head boards and the decorative items in bedrooms.
  • Or else if you want a serene look you can even think of having small LED lights fitted to the ceiling in such a way that they look like stars at night when they glow.

Designs for false ceiling:
Instead of conventional type of false ceiling design something that is innovative-that
can be round, curved, random zigzags etc.
They can be created in different steps to give a depth to the ceiling.
It can be in steps with different blue hues and white hues painted on them that makes it
look like a sky.

There are so many different fantastic ways of making the ceiling of the bedrooms look
fabulous.Just think about the theme what is there in your mind and get it done in a nice

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Simran Singh said...

I loved it. But i think you could have used more flower vases, it would have enhanced the look.

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