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January 29, 2009

Rooms with Splash of Colours:

Different colours have different effects-definitely the saying is true that "colours speak"
It totally depends on what type of look and feel you are looking for in your rooms.
  • If you want a bright and vibrant look and feel in the interiors have splash of yellow/orange or reddish orange colour in one wall of the room.
  • If you desire for a cool deep look have blue or green or aqua colour on one or two walls.
  • If the effect you are looking for is a sober soothing look have pastel shades-they are good for use in master for master bedrooms or baby rooms.
  • For a contemporary and sleek look have the walls all white with splash of colours on accessories only.That also gives a great effect to the interiors.
  • For an exotic look and grand feeling have ivory colours on walls and different brown shades on woodwork.

Different looks that can be obtained by proper use of colours are:
  • vibrant
  • traditional
  • personal
  • rustic

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