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January 30, 2009

Colours create themes:

Different colours has the ability to create different themes and effects in a room.
First know a little about colours and then choose the right colour matching the interior theme of your house, apply the shades on walls and see the magic!
The same wall may appear totally different when proper colours are applied on them.

Different themes that may be generally created by use of certain colours are the following:
  • vibrant
  • traditional
  • rustic
  • personal
Now let me explain a bit about all the colour themes:

Vibrant: Red and orange gives a vivacious look.Have one one walls of the rooms painted in these colours. Do not paint all the walls in red/orange/yellow in a single room and I would suggest dont even repeat them in all the rooms.They are very bold colours and if they are used all over in your house then it looks too loud and monotonous.
Hence try to keep these type of colours in living rooms, dining rooms and in kitchens
Have some faux flowers and plants as a contrast to these loud colours to have a sense of freshness.
Have cushion colours, flowers on side tables, other accessories of the room in different contrasting/complementary colours.
If you have too much of red/orange in a room have the furnishings and accessories in subdued tone or white/pastel shades.
These colours soften the mood of the room.

Traditional:If you want to have a traditional look and feel in your house go for ivory colours. The colour ivory associated with golden, orange and green gives a luxurious effect.Have the furniture in shades of brown and furnishings in darker shades with gold colour. Dark wood furniture with furnishing embossed in gold, orange mix and brown with orange.
Brass lamps, cushions in patterns of green , orange, gold and tiny brass figurines, large paintings, lamps etc with gold etchings complete the overall look.

Rustic:Colours which have earthly hues like brown, dull orange, mustard, green, beige and brick red help in giving the feeling of a rustic interior. Bamboo blinds, shades, artworks, terracotta artifacts, zariworks in furnishings etc add to the decor. Kalamkari prints in furnishings like curtains, table cloths, cushion covers etc and in colours of red/orange are good for the use.

Personal:Cosy personal touch can be given in the colour schemes of your rooms. Deep shades of purple, magenta, copper, and burgundy can be used in some walls of the rooms with proper accessories and colour contrasts. You can also have pastel shades on the rooms accentuating some colours in the objects that are present in the room. You can think of creating different themes that you like. They may be ocean theme, forest theme, cartoons, nature photographs, family photographs, tribal etc. You can have different innovative ideas for themes and keep on changing the themes at different times.

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