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January 22, 2009

Dining Room Furniture

In the dining room have that type furniture which is appealing and comfortable.
There should not be too much furniture in your dining area.You should not overcrowd the space.There should always be a chance for the spill over.If there are guests and invitees at your place for a dining get together there has to be proper spill over space.

There are various options of materials that are available for the furniture of dining area.
If you want a traditional touch in your eating space go for wood and glass combination in furniture.
Or if you have the picture of a total contemporary look and feel then should have glass, steel, wrought iron etc.

The main furniture which are associated with dining room are the following:

Dining Tables
The main focal point in a dining room is the dining table.
The tables are available in different shapes, sizes and patterns. They may be big or small, rectangular, oval, round or square.
Choose the type and style that suits your choice and budget. Depending on the number of people who will be using it at a regular basis select the number of chairs that will be there with the table. For a smaller nuclear family it always makes sense to have four seater round dining table. This saves the space in the dining area.
First decide the position of your dining table.
You can place the table below a proper hanging light just above the dining table.But if there is a sense of less space after keeping the dining table and chairs in the center then keep them at one side of the room with probably false ceiling just above the seating area!

Dining chairs:
The second most important thing that is associated with the dining table are the chairs.
Dining chairs should be comfortable and relaxing. Decide on the materials, colour, theme of the room while deciding on any single piece of furniture. Different styles of dining chairs are available. You should select the type of chair sizes and shapes depending on the available space in the dining area. If the space is congested and small go for low back ones. But if the space is a big one and you want to give a grand feel to it then think of having tall back rests.
Various materials and finishes are available in chairs for dining rooms such as leather, wood, glass, wrought iron etc.

Dining area cabinets/crockery unit:China cabinets look impressive in a dining space when they are displayed properly illuminated with light and having glass.You can display your finest crockery, cutlery, dishware under proper light in the crockery unit.
Depending on the type of interiors you have you can either have an ornate type of display unit or if the interiors is contemporary then go for sleek looking full glass and steel one.
If the available space in the dining area is small then think of placing the crockery unit as a semi partition between the dining and the living room depending on the layout of the room.

Dining Sideboards:
Try to have a side board or a shelf kind of thing besides your dining area. They help for serving food and also for additional storage. Associated with the side board try to have an attached mirror or tiles of mirror glued together.They expend the dining space visually.

Dining area side tables/coffee tables:
Before choosing one small table for the dining area think about the available space you have in the dining area.
If you want to have coffee at a relaxed manner in the dining area have one corner of the room as a small side table with two low seating chairs.

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