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January 18, 2009

Kid's Bedroom-Ideas

Every parent wants to design their little one's room with affection and love.This is a place where they can play, learn and rest.
The main criteria that is important while designing a kid's room is that :
  • It should be made of materials that are durable
  • have effective storage
  • comfortable seating and resting spaces
  • Safe and sturdy furniture
  • Have bright colours
Take your kid's decisions before proceeding to their room's design
Learn what are your kid's favorite colour, favorite shapes and cartoon characters etc
ask them to draw or prepare something themselves when their room is being decorated.They feel themselves an integral part of the room design and take good care of their rooms.

Here are a few tips for a beautiful interior space for your kid:

Use bright colours like greens, yellows, blues and purples. Try not to use too much red and black in their rooms.These colours are very harsh and are not so good for their eyes.Pink color is the ultimate choice of girls while the boys like blue colors.

Nowadays non-toxic paints are available.Use them to be used in your infant's room
Never use lead-based paints for anything in kid’s room as they are poisonous

Introduce an element of fun in their rooms by having cartoon characters, different themes like ocean or sky or sea creatures or cars etc which is liked by your kid.
Have one wall painted in a cartoon character theme or other themes and have other walls plian and simple. You can introduce soft boards or dry erase boards on one wall. There should not be mirrors/glass at low heights on any part of the wall.

For a kid's room materials like waterproof ply and laminate or prefabricated colourful furniture is a good option.
Try to create good designs and interesting shapes in their furniture even in wardrobes, study tables, beds etc. But whatever designs are created should be safe and durable.They should have smooth edges and are unbreakable.
Provide them enough storage space to store their toys, games and clothes.
Do not make the floor of kid’s room slippery, hence if you have vitrified tiles/ceramic tiles on the floor cover them by carpets etc.

Have sufficient lighting in a kid's room. Proper lighting is required over reading tables etc.
Do not use floor lamps. Put all electricity switches, plugs and sockets high on the walls so that children could not reach them. Another option is to cover electric sockets covers.

Do not use floor-length curtains because kids tend to make them swing and hang on it. In such cases, they may get injury by the fall.
Have colourful furnishings like bed spreads, curtains, carpets and cushion covers etc. They need not be all in cartoon characters.I have seen many people tend to overdo the kid's room with too many pictures and cartoons all over. But here is my tip-Have one wall or only the furnishings in cartoon figure pictures and keep on changing them at regular intervals.This will create sense of change of theme as well as educate the little one gradually over a period of time.
Change the basic theme of the room at times and discuss some details about that theme and its associated figures for the time they are there.

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