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December 28, 2008

Use of Glass in floors:

Use of glass in flooring looks stylish and elegant.
  • Generally people have the idea that setting up a glass floor for an apartment will be too costly of a thing and too much of difficulties.But that is not at all true.!
  • As soon as you decide to have a glass floor specially in your living or dining area don't think twice just go for it.
  • Before you proceed with the decision there are a few aspects that you should check beforehand:
  • The floor height should not be too less. As you will have to make a frame work for the glass panels to be put above the ordinary floor, hence the floor height cannot be less than 10ft in general.
  • There are sufficient number of electrical points from which light points can be put just below the glass panels and the floor level which make them look vibrant!
  • There should not be too much impact or heavy use on the portion where you are planning to have the glass floors done.
  • Something nice to look at should be there below the glass panels that are installed. Hence they can be an aquarium or a water body or plants etc with lights to get the brilliant look in your interiors that you have in your dreams!
  • Glass flooring gives a sense of openness and transparency.It is thrilling and look extraordinary
  • If there is a water body or moving objects like plants etc below the room then that makes the effect even more dramatic
  • Light can me from below-it can be natural or artificial light. There is no need for artificial light if natural light is coming from below.The effect is much soothing to the eyes and is overwhelming.
  • There are two types of glass flooring available-glass laminate panels and glass block tiles.Glass laminate tiles are available in a number of sizes, shapes, and colours etc and are sandwiched in between tampered glass.
  • The panels can be made textured or coloured to make them more interesting.
  • The textures also help to hide scratches and make them slip resistant.
  • Glass block tiles are placed on ground floor like any other tiles.They cannot usually have lights from below.
  • Another type of glass is slumped glass.They are prepared from a shallow mould where it takes the shape and contours of the mould. Hence different patterned floors can be prepared.
  • LED lights can be put below glass floors for moods-white/blue/green/red like the way they are put below glass floors in discotheques and night clubs where colours of lights change according to the mood in random transition or in gradual rhythm.

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