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February 19, 2009

Room Partitions:

Room dividers and partitions can enliven the entire living space.

Nowadays we have small apartments and small living/dining rooms.Hence what the builders do, they combine the living and the dining room together.This either is a narrow rectangular strip of space or an L-shaped one.
In both the cases the privacy of the owners is not at all present. Hence people now think about having some kind of partition to create some kind of privacy.

Select room divider that compliments the decor.the partition can separate the living area from the dining area, home office from rest of the room , children's space from rest of the room etc.

Partitions can be different styles and types.Colour and style of dividers should be selected so that it gels with entire decor of the room.
The main advantages of using flexible kind of partition or room dividers are many:
  • It helps to keep the space free.the entire space is fluid, if required they can be moved and the big space can be used.
  • They give the sense of privacy and boundary without making solid walls/permanent structures
  • They give a new dimension to the sense of interior aspect if selected cleverly
There are some types of basic styles of dividers : folding, screen and flat panels, shelves and semi partition, crockery unit, hanging curtains etc

They act as semipartition or ornament partition.A tract from the ceiling can be suspended then the option of shifting the curtain is there as and when required.
For using curtains, have sheer curtains to separate spaces if you have children or teen agers at home. These create definite spaces for them and can be exposed and add up to the entire room area when required.
But the use of curtains as divider has become backdated and also does not look too good if not designed properly. Hence it is good to look at other options as well.

Shelves/crockery unit or other furniture:They act as utilitarian as well as partitions. We can design some entertainment unit/crockery unit or book shelves of just frame works with hanging beads or glass to differentiate two spaces.They help in storage of crockeries or books or even decorative items too!
Just have some spot lights focussing on the objects and glass shelves and see the magic!Ethnic:
Cane and bamboo room dividers, screens, etc are available. In kashmir there are hand crafted and curved ones made of walnut woods, or rosewood etc.

Oriental:Japanese screens are light and pretty. They are made from rice papers, bamboo or rattan. Chatai material can be used in frames to give a nice oriental look and feel to the interior decor.

Green effect/Aquariums:Another grand effect that can be given in the interior space which divides the space into part is by introducing a green zone or plants in your rooms. Several types of indoor plants are available try to place them in such a fashion that is creates a sense of green effect at the same time separates the area naturally.
Also you can think of having an aquarium with nice coloured fishes acting as a partition furniture in the living roo. The effect if fabulous. The rippling water and green plants(though artificial) and fishes swimming and moving in the clear water not only satisfies the purpose of a partition but also gives a soothing effect to the room.

With the above described ideas just have some sort of partition effect given to your rooms and get compliments from all the guest whoever visits your house.

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