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December 27, 2008

Accessories to accentuate beds:

In bedroom Bed is the central piece of decor.
  • Accentuate the central piece with some essential decorative objects like paintings, mirrors, clocks, photographs at the bed headboard side to focus on the head side.
  • Headboards are easy and good way to accentuate the beds. If the room is a traditional one you can think of having a curved wooden ones or if modern contemporary then mirrors frosted glass, coloured panels, spot lights, fabric panels etc. help to accentuate beds.
  • Iron rails and ornaments also accentuate bed headboards beautifully.
  • Foot boards are also some useful feature to accentuate the beds. In children's rooms they can be even cartoon figures or decorative coloured pieces jutting out from the bed.
  • Canopies sometimes used in kid's beds or teenagers rooms specially in girl's rooms. They give a fairy effect with a delicate look.
  • Curtains/nets by bed sides help to make it more ornamental and elaborate
  • Laces attached to nets or drapes look brilliant when used properly.
  • Put decorative lights towards headboard to accentuate the head side.
  • Linens and cushions and soft furnishings are effective elements to accentuate beds. You can change the basic theme very easily.
  • Bedside furniture like love seat storage boxes or even a simple bench helps to accentuate a bed and also helps in its function.

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