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December 3, 2008

Bedroom Furniture:

Often my clients ask me in a contemporary bedroom what are type of furniture should one have?
Now this is a totally an unclear question asa it is dependent on many factors like
  • The size of the bedroom
  • The choice and taste of the residents
  • The need for having a specific type of furniture in that room etc.

But still we can list down the cumulative variety of furniture that we can think of having in a bedroom specially in a master bedroom so that it serves the basic requirements of various types including the purpose of dressing, relaxing, storage etc

Bedroom furniture comes in various styles or themes like contemporary furniture, modern furniture etc.
  • Think of having some cosy furniture type in a bedroom These will give relaxation to your body and mind after a day's hard work.
  • Try to make furniture that suits your needs and have lots of storage in them
  • Hence good quality modern looking yet cosy comfortable furniture is the main thing that is to be kept in mind when deciding on the type and style of furniture purchased or constructed for a bedroom.

The bed is the main furniture of your bedroom.It is the focal point of the bedroom. There is a wide range of beds available in the market.Hence choose them depending on the theme and requirements.
Different materials like wood, leather, wrought iron, steel etc are used for beds

The following are a few styles of beds:
  • Platform Beds
  • Sleigh Beds
  • Canopy beds
  • Storage Beds
  • Day beds
  • Poster beds

Bedside TablesBedside tables are very useful pieces of furniture taht give you the space to place anything like table lamps, telephones, clocks etc.

These are often placed next to the bed and can be used to store items of personal care. Drawers and shelves and/or both may be there matching with design of the bed itself.
if there is shortage of space in the bedheadboard side try to have the bed headboard a little bigger and with shelves on them which will accomodate all the regular use items for general use.

Bedroom Dressing Tables
A lot of varieties are available in bedroom dressing tables. In dressing tables, you can store your jewelry and other essential items of daily needs. You can match dressing tables with bed styles and wardrobes.

Bedroom Wardrobes
Design the bedroom wardrobes according to a theme which is liked by you and makes you feel comfortable.
The inside space for bedroom wardrobes should be maximised in small apartments.
Stylish wardrobes are attractive pieces of your bedroom furniture.The wardrobes may be freestanding or fitted. Freestanding wardrobes take a lot of space in bedroom while fitted wardrobe saves the space. You can install mirrors on wardrobe doors instead of free standing mirrors and dressing tables to save some space in the bedroom.

Bedroom Chaise Lounges
Bedroom chaise lounges make your bedroom an ideal bedroom. They are available in endless upholstery and design options. They provide a transitional place for those moments when you want relaxation, but not ready for sleeping. They offer luxury and royalty to your sweet bedroom.

Bedroom Nightstands
Nightstands simply offer an elegant look to your bedroom. It’s up to you whether you choose one tall night stand or two small nightstands for each side of bed. You can place alarm clocks and side lamps on stylish night stands. Wrought iron and wooden night stands are suitable for every theme.

Bedroom Mirrors
Attractive mirrors enhance interior look of your bedroom. The mirrors are useful for dressing up and make your bedroom look larger.
Mirrors can be associated with chest of drawers which helps in storage of regular day to day items.

Bedroom Ottomans
Ottomans are actually multipurpose pieces of furniture in bedroom. They can be used as coffee table having storage. They are available in pine, oak and in other materials. You can also use ottomans in any other rooms for seating purpose.

Bedroom Stools
Stools take very little space in bedroom and look attractive and practical. They are used for several purposes like seating and placing things.

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