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November 27, 2008

Kid's Bedroom-Curtains:

Just have a look at the vast options of curtains that are available in the market nowadays for kid's room curtains!
Are they not amazing?
One of my friend's little angel is so conscious about her room decor and about the furnishings, I was amused to see how she picks and selects the theme for her room.

Kid's like beautiful colours and vibrant themes.Hence have nice vibrant looking curtains and other furnishings in their rooms according to their likes and dislikes.

We get so many types and styles of curtains in the market-some in alphabets, some in animal themes, some cartoon characters or even in floral or jungle prints.
Select a theme or style that goes well with the entire theme of the room.

Associated with these curtains some fun accessories can be there like the designer curtain brackets or Curtains Poles,Curtain Rods,Curtain Tiebacks,Curtain Hooks,Curtain Tassels etc.

You can select from a large variety of accessories to give a wonderful look to the curtain and window.

In a girl's room curatins in different themes can be used :
  • Dolls
  • Princess
  • stars and planet
  • Hello kitty or any other cartoon character
  • Birds
  • Butterflies
  • Roses or flowers
These themed curtains can be associated with laces and valances and with nice designer tie backs and curtain rods.In a boy's room curtains in other themes can be used:
  • Alphabets
  • Sports
  • Cars
  • Trains
  • Cartoon Characters

Accessories for Kids Curtains

Kids Curtains Poles
The poles of kids’ curtains are available in different shapes, patterns, colors and materials. Choose decorative and durable curtain poles for kids’ room curtains. Attractive curtain poles make the room look highly appreciable. Always check fitting of the pole so that the curtain may hang from the pole perfectly. Choose right track or poles to support curtains. The fitting should be durable otherwise it can be harmful to your kids.Kids Curtains Rods
Curtains rods are not only the tools to hang curtains but they enhance complete look of your kids’ room d├ęcor also. Wooden curtain rods give a cozy look to the room. Since kids like trendy and stylish things in their room so you can choose from a wide variety of metal curtain rods such as solid brass, chrome and brushed chrome etc. You can use some funky ideas for rods of kids’ curtains such as a tree branch, old fishing pole etc.

Kids Curtains Hooks and RingsCurtain hooks and rings for kids’ room come in different styles. To make kids’ room appealing, you can choose from nice trendy hooks or rings like flowers or insects or stars etc!

Kids Curtains Tiebacks
Kid's curtain tiebacks can be designed in different cute themes.These tiebacks hold the curtains in position thus keeping the window open and light comes in.

Kids Curtains Tassels
Tassels offer style to your kids’ curtains. Tassels in different styles makes the curtain look elegant and trendy instead of hanging cords associated with the curtains try to use nice looking tassels are another option.

Valances for Kids Curtains
Valances make your kids’ room curtains wonderful. They are a nice way to adorn kids’ curtains as well as their room. Valances are the best choice when used with Roman shades or blinds.


James said...

I love the variety of curtain hooks you have! Very creative I must admit! Just hope the kids don't accidently rip them down!

International Decor said...

its amazing .. i like it

Purple stylish said...

you have pretty tastes :)

golden house said...

are you the designer of this curtains ?? its cute

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