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November 17, 2008

Kid's Bedroom-Beds

Nowadays children are real choosy and they want to have themed beds for their rooms.People often ask me what are the options for children's bed and how to place them in his room.

Now we get ready made beds of different fanciful designs and styles.They look fabulous when placed properly in a kid's bedroom.

But before you place the bed in a bedroom kindly check the following aspects:
  • Is there sufficient space for placing a full bed with bed headboards and design?
  • Otherwise go for bunk beds to be placed which comes either with two beds or a bunk at the upper level and a study at the lower level
  • Have nice storage options like drawers or shelves at the bed headboard or below the bed for plenty of storage options
  • See whether it is safe for your child at his present age.
  • You can even get beds with side guards and high headboards for their safety when they are sleeping.
  • If your child loves cars and boats etc have something like a boat bed or a car bed with great storage spaces.
  • In case of girls you can think about canopy beds or slightly ornate Cinderella bed types.
  • Try to place the bed so that much of the room is left free for his/her play area.
  • Depending on whether he/she is comfortable for a study below the bed you should decide on the study table below the bed type.Otherwise have the study area seperately placed in another corner.
  • These beds are recommended for 6 years to 12 years.
  • Beds are available in different materials in wood as well as in PVC or plastic. Hence depending on your budget and choice decide on the material part.

Bunk bed
It is usually supported by four corners attached with one to another. With the help of ladder you can move onto the second bunk. It can be used by the two kids at the same time in the same room. Also it maximizes the space of the room. It is not commended below six years age.
there may or maynot be study table below that. Ask your kid which one he likes the best!

Canopy bed
Four posts are attached to the bed and it is a very attractive bed. It is mainly used to protect the child from mosquitoes. To make bed decorative you can use elaborate and fine-looking material like laces, ribbon and cloths make a ceiling or canopy onto the bed. It is mainly used for girls

Loft bed
Kids are keen to play on loft bed and it saves more space and your room looks very spacious. It is made up of hard wood. And child love to sleep on this bed.

Iron bed
In iron bed edges are made up of iron. It’s a good object for beds because it’s strong, powerful and heavy. It is made up of wood and metal. Mainly all metal beds are iron beds. Make sure the bed is safe for the child and nothing sharp edge is projecting out from anywhere

Single Themed beds
The styles of single bed are enormous and very impressive. It includes metal beds, wooden beds, other beds are which come in simple plain colors or other themes of kid’s bed like racer car bed, sofa bed, boat bed etc.

Midi or Cabin beds
Cabin beds are brilliant for kids’ room where the space is limited. Basically Midi beds have made in drawers and cabinets under the bed and also have curtains and more space left behind under the bed. It’s usually used as play accommodation or as storage area. And it is smaller than the bunk beds. It is recommended for kids as well as young teen agers.

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