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November 15, 2008

Kid's Bedroom-Design:

Kids bedroom needs a thoughtful planning so that much of the space is left free and at the same time we can make some provision of lots of storage space in it. In my opinion the bedroom for kids should be designed such that there is proper use of colour and design .It should not be overdone!

Sometimes I have seen little kid's room too much colour and too much decorative designs in that. But they feel uncomfortable in too much bright colours as they have to stay in that all the time. Use colour and bright light in some walls and leave other walls of subdued colour/design.
  • There has to be a writing board or dry erase board for him/her to scribble at times
  • It will be best if it is placed besides the bed position
  • Beds may be bunk beds or theme based beds according to his or likings
  • Even when he is in his bed he can scribble something just next to him
  • Also having a soft board as bed head board or besides the bed is a good idea. You can fix some of his study materials in that and he can look at it and will learn automatically without your extra effort ;)
  • You can hang some fancy lights from ceiling if you want.They give a diffuse lighting effect and hence these lights can be kept on for hours when the kid is playing or sleeping.
  • Have proper study area with sufficient lighting
  • The study can be associated with the bunk bed if needed to save some space
  • Proper storage area is very much needed in a kid's bedroom
  • Have lots of drawers probably below the beds or wardrobes or even chests for dumping all his/her toys and stuff so that you don't have to run around every time he plays with his toys .Just make the process simpler!
  • There can be a large nice mirror to reflet some of the lights and shelves but it should be at a safe height. It should not come within the kid's height
  • Now we get nice paints and colours to be used in kid's room
  • There are animal themes/cartoon characters/Disney themes/floral themes available now in Asian paints

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