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May 6, 2008

Your Own Home Gym:

If there is no spare room to convert into a Gym at home try to transform a part of the study or garage or basement for the gymnasium at home. This is the place for exercise hence try to keep a few basic things in mind before you try to convert any room to a home gym.

Important issues that are to be kept in mind are as follows:

  • Keep it well ventilated and airy. You need good supply of fresh air while exercising.
  • Buy few basic equipments when you start to do work outs at home. Do not overcrowd the entire room with big equipments. It is better to keep most of the space free so that you can do stretching and bending exercises there..
  • Do not overcrowd the space with multiple equipments. Try to invest on limited selected ones like a set of dumb bells, resistance ropes, fitness balls, skipping rope, one comfortable mat for floor exercises.
  • Have a shower or a cubicle at some corner to freshen up after a hard work out.
  • Use bright colours on one side of the wall and use full length mirror at some portion of the wall so that you can see yourself while you work out all by yourself. The mirror even gives you inspiration to see yourself lose weight gradually over a period of time.
  • If you can afford a room that offers a view that will be a great option! Just look out for some visual relief and variations in a boring gym room.
  • Else have some nice paintings or a mural or artwork that give some visual relief and you feel relaxed as you strain your muscles.
  • Have some sound system in that room. This might be a surround sound system or just some players plugged in at some corner of the room.
  • If some space is there you can even think of having a small TV set up at the corner.
  • Have a pin up board or your writing board to set up your targets or goals and that is achieved to give you an inspiration!

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