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April 25, 2008

A library at home

A library is a place for book lovers. Depending on the room and whether you can afford a full room or a part of it for the library , you will have to decide on the furniture etc that will be there in a library.
  • A small room or a balcony duly covered can act as a library.
Nowadays we can cover up the balcony quite easily by aluminum framed glass windows. The approx rate in Bangalore as of today is as follows:
For 2track channels and plain glass it is Rs.170/sq ft(without powder
For 3track channels and plain glass it is Rs.200/sq ft(without powder
coating),with mosquito mesh in between

For 2track channels and plain glass it is Rs.180/sq ft(with powder
For 3track channels and plain glass it is Rs.210/sq ft(with powder
coating),with mosquito mesh in between.
  • You can even think of having the library in the bedroom or your living room.
  • Some innovative ideas for shelves, some reading tables or chairs and proper illumination level is all that you need in a home library.
  • Shelves can be wooden or plastic, steel ready made ones or custom made matching your needs and fancies. Then you can have some open and some closed ones closed by frosted glass/etched glass.
  • The shelves can be categorized into several types and depending on that the height and depth can be decided upon.
  • Some can be for heavy books, some for light weight but large flat type of books, some can even be for files and folders.
  • You can even think of having the lower part of the book shelves as drawers for the files and folders.
  • Shelves can act for multipurpose use like storage of cds, display of artifacts etc instead of just being shelves for books.
  • Illumination is an important thing in a library. It is always better to use white lights in a library hence tube lights etc are good for use. If you are thinking of having quite a number of lights in the library you can even think of having CFL bulbs in wall brackets. Table lamps on the reading desks are also a necessity in a library.
  • Supplement the tables with chairs that is reading chairs which keeps you back straight. Nowadays we get good quality ergonomic chairs which are specially for those who has to sit for a long time. You can enjoy your story books or you can spend your entire day in your research work in your own library chair without ending up having back pains and problems.
  • Think of having even a lazy boy or a easy chair at one corner of the library where you can have a seat as a break once a while when you want to stretch your feets.

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