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May 8, 2008

Chandeliers for elegant interiors:

Chandeliers are available in different styles and shapes or sizes. It always feels good when you imagine your living or dining room lighted up by the elegant looking chandelier, right?
Now before you decide to have a chandelier put up for your interiors, here are a few tips from the architect :)

  • Consider the appropriate size that is to be placed in that room.
  • Too small or too big of a chandelier may not look good and at the same time may be overpowering in a room. Hence go for the appropriate size and shape depending on the size of the room.
  • The main areas where they look good are drawing rooms, dining rooms, library, hallways, foyers etc.
  • Different chandeliers provide different level of illumination. Big crystal ones provide quite some good quality light and look elegant. Sometimes they come with dimmers which can be used to set up the level and mood of the room.
  • They should match the room decor and style. Traditional rooms look good with crystal ones or curved ornate ones.
  • Now modern trendy sleek looking chandeliers are also available that are good for contemporary interiors.
  • Placing the chandelier at the right place is another important aspect to enhance to the beauty. Locate the center of the room or of the seating area if the room is a very big one or in L-shape etc.
  • Sometimes instead of one big chandelier it is usually better to have two separate small ones at the two locations of the room. They also add up to the beauty of the room.
  • Hang them at proper distance from ceiling.
  • No furniture looks good except for the center table below it. Hence consider accordingly.

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