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June 13, 2008

Use of glass in bathrooms:

We now want to use glass everywhere in our houses. Glass gives the feeling of more space in interiors as they are transparent and reflective. Glass can be used extensively in bathrooms too-in bathroom door panels, bathroom counter tops, shelves tiles etc.

There are varied types and styles of frosted glass available now in the market which can be used in the bathroom.
Some of them are acid etched or sand etched etc. They can even be stained if you want the door panel of your bathroom to have some nice bright coloured patterns or motifs on stained glass.

The glass used for the purpose generally are available in wide varieties and thicknesses.
Ask your carpenter to provide you the texture, design, pattern or even linear varieties of glass panels that suits your taste and requirement.
The thickness of glass available in market is from 3mm to 12mm. Ask the carpenter the thickness that is required for a specific use in the bathroom interior.

The glass panels may or may not be fitted in wooden panels depending on your choice.
They can either be fitted on some frame and may be stained glass or may even be hung on just some hinges to have a sleek and transparent look overall.
The bathroom counter tops and sinks are also available in full glass nowadays. They may be just natural colour of glass or tinted in some color or with some designs on them.Look fabulous when used properly in a contemporary bathroom interior.Now you can get even a ready made set combining a glass bowl, a countertop, a mirror and a closet below all waterproof by spending some amount. The advantage of these modules is that if you like that complete set you donot have to purchase each and every small small item of the wash area to give it a complete look and run around from shop to shop!

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