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April 14, 2008

Use of mirrors in Interiors:

Mirrors when used add up to the illusion of a certain space.

  • We can use mirrors in a single piece or in multiple strips or pieces giving a broken reflection of a space.

  • Mirrors with frames are a good wall art instead of a picture
  • Mirrors are available in varied styles, frames, sizes
  • Etching are available on sides
  • wall with narrow ends gets reflected on mirrors and get doubled if used on the adjacent wall
  • Can create drama in a living room if used properly ie by reflecting the image of an image
  • Sizes like square, oval , round, flower, Disney character cutouts , symmetrical asymmetrical all are available

  • Main use of mirrors in living areas, staircases, hallway, lobby , children' room, in small spaces apart from its regular use in bathrooms or in bedrooms or dressing areas
  • Frameless mirrors are trendy but frames add to an antique traditional loook
  • Even etching on the outer border or coloured edges act as frames that look contemporary

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