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April 11, 2008

Make your small living room look bigger !

Small Living Room:

Nowadays we all have space constraints . But the main thing is small home need not look cramped and small overall. With proper use of colour, choice of furniture and decor we can make it look much bigger than what it actually is.
Some tips to make a living area look bigger:

  • Choose appropriate colour scheme. Do not use dull dark shades which may make the space look smaller. try to use pastel shades and/or use vibrant or bright shade only at some portion of a room or at some wall.
  • Have upstand lights at the corner of the rooms to throw light upwards to the ceiling. This will emphasize thw the corners and make the ceiling look above its actual height.
  • Have light coloured floors-use vinyl, epoxy, marble or vitrified tiles in light shades and pattern
  • Try to buy dual purpose furniture like sofa cum bed or sofa with an attached side table etc. These will save the floor area of the room
  • Do not buy curved ornamental furniture like a centre table of wood with lots of curvings and mouldings in it or table lamps or side tables too ornamental. Whenever you go to any furniture store ask for their contemporary collection of furniture if you have a space problem in your living room.
  • Try to use sleek looking furniture like glass centre tables and/or side tales on steel stands. they create the sense of transparency in a room.
  • Avoid vibrant prints and bold colours in furnishings. Instead use small floral or graphic prints.
  • Too much use of drapes, laces and plates in the curtain will make look heavy and as a result the room smaller.Hence go for sleek cotton or satin or light weight fabrics for curtains
  • Too many artifacts and statuettes/plants in the room will make the room look cramped. Hence use selective ones.
  • Use planty of lights like spot light from ceiling, wall brackets, ,table lamps, floor lamps at different levels and illumination types to make the living room visually look spacious.
  • Use of mirrors in the living room adds to the refection and make the room look spacious too!

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