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April 15, 2008

Preparing for the Summer Months !!

Interiors for Summer months:

In summer months we want a cool soothing effect specially when we are at home.
Can you even think of an interior with red walls, red sofa and a black carpet when you return home from outside in the scorching heat in one summer afternoon?

The very idea makes us crazy!!

Let us now think about some realistic as well as easy makeover for our homes to prepare for summer.
  • Have some water body or fountain or even small water urlis with flowers and leaves on them
  • Small potted plants indoors
  • If you have the privilege of privacy (because most of us don't have that in our congested apartments where the window of our neighbor just opens to the window of our bedroom probably :( , hence we lack the same) , you can think of having low height curtains on all the windows.
  • Curtains should be light weight cool colours. Try to use twin ones so that you can remove them to both sides.
  • If you have marble floors keep them open and remove all floor covers and carpets.
  • Try cotton chattais and dhurries to be used as other option for carpets
  • Windows-dress them up with some artificial flowers or plants ans chimes on them
  • Guard balconies and open terraces with some awning or chiks where you can splash water to keep them cool
  • Remove all woolen, leather, silk upholstery and have cotton ones instead.

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Monnaie Ernakulam said...

So cute interior designing and interior furnishing!

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