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April 16, 2008

Floor lamps in use:

Floor lamps if used properly matching with the decor and theme of the room can add to the style and grandeur of the room.
There are various styles and floor lamps-some traditional, some contemporary or even some are rustic.
  • Pick your own style using them at proper places
  • you can have bright light or mellow/soft light and use them at proper places to create different moods of the room.
  • We can use dimmers etc to set up the light intensity depending on the mood of the room
  • Floor lamps can direct the light either to the floor/to the seating space or even upwards to the ceiling.
  • Lamps which focus upwards are used in small rooms at the corners as they help in visually heightening the space.

Nowadays different materials are used for floor lamps:
  • handmade paper one is very attractive
  • stainless steel ones are sleek and for trendy interiors
  • plastic sheet floor lamps
  • bamboo or rattan ones give a rustic look. even abstract ones may add to the rustic look.
  • crystal ones are also give elegant classic feel
  • glass ones are also very unique and stylish
  • antique lamps with statuettes are traditional

  • wrought iron lamps are also in use.

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