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April 9, 2008

Add colour to your home office !

The basic design format of a home office depends on the following factors:
  • the kind of work to be done
  • level of ventilation in the room
  • no. of persons working in the room
  • natural light present
Depending on the above factors decide on the room decor and style.

Now too make it a colourful one here are a few tips here:
  • Provision of some extra seating with some colourful cushions and spreads
  • You can have a coach or a sofa or dewan if you have more space. Add some colourful cushion sets etc there.
  • Colourful artifacts to brighten up the mood of the room
  • Depending on the nature of work decide on storage cabinets and desks for placing printers, computer etc
  • Adding a small attractive carpet will add some colour too!
  • Create a corner with statuettes or small figurines
  • Have some nice looking potted plants at some corners
  • Some decorative artificial plants can also be used instead to add to the colour and visual effect of the room
  • Have some photographs or collages hanging at proper locations
  • Use decorative and colourful clocks which will serve the purpose as well as add to the decor
  • Attractive book holders or fancy racks or book cases can also be added in the room
  • Dry erase or some pinup boards can be placed. These will help to keep issues in front of you every time. You can also pin up some photographs and cards to give an informal look to the thing
  • In a home office try to have blinds instead of curtains
  • But using different colours on different walls is not a very good idea in this type of room
  • If the room is very big then you can think of having only one wall brightly coloured or dark colour painted on it.
  • But try to use pastel shades in general. These colours enhance the working atmosphere in the room.


Sadvi Joshi said...

Really nice designs!.. the designs are quite functional with the warm homely feel to them.

merin said...

Nice Tips,I used Artificial flowers and plants for my home. has huge collection of artificial flowers and plants. Do check them out.

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