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April 3, 2008

Garden Accessories:

  • Design your garden with different interesting artifacts and objects like water body, weather vane, bird house, artificial birds to give it a character of its own.
  • A garden with flowering plants and variety of garden accessories is an attractive one
  • Some interesting objects that may add life to your garden are wind chimes-there are so many variety of them, wood, bamboo, plastic, glass. Elegant traditional or modern contemporary are there in a wide range.
  • Garden bells and lights hanging from posts or trees
  • Pergolas add shade as well as some variety

  • Small standing garden lights are good from the point of providing light in the light and also adding moods to the garden atmosphere. They add mystery and excitement to a place.
  • Fountains are good addition in a garden.Sound of trickling water makes a happy mood. they can be added at some corner instead of a static water body. The static water bodies have to be cleaned regularly or you can have some fishes on them to keep the water clean. Hence better idea is to have a trickling fountain in your own garden.
  • Certain statuettes or decorative light posts can also give some variation in the greenery
  • They can be highlighted by some lights and can act as focal points in a garden
  • Add some birdhouse to attract some birds.
  • Different collections of stones, plants gives the garden a colourful look.
  • Adding earthen urli or decorative vase at some corner gives a nice look
  • You can also think of adding some unusual accessories like sundial, wooden windmill, swing for two
  • Good seating arrangements can be provided by providing some wooden benches, trellis, swing or normal low maintenance weather proof chairs etc

These are some nice accessories which will give a fresh look to your own garden if used in a designed fashion.

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