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March 26, 2008

Bathroom Flooring Facts:

Nowadays with numerous high end fixtures and plenty of innovative ideas and creativity bathrooms have also become the place of flair and grandeur.
Bathroom flooring now are given much importance to make the space look more comfortable at the same time hygienic, easy to maintain and creative.

In western countries where there is prevalence of dry bathrooms, there we can even use floor tiles that are generally used for general flooring of other rooms. But in Indian context it cannot be followed or even if you decide to have floor tile s in your bathrooms then your bathroom has to be really big so that you can separate out two wet and dry areas and plan to have flooring done accordingly.

Options for bathroom flooring:
1. In older times we used cement floors or red oxide added to it which just gave some colour to the basic material.
2. Mosaic flooring came next in use. But these flooring had some problems. Due to constant use of water and normal wear and tear the polish and stones tend to go away making the floor look a drab and unusable one.
3.Then came the time for cement tiles -sometimes even with mosaic grains.These are easy to install. Needed less time for installation and looked colorful to some extent.
4. Ceramic tiles were the next in line. These were successfully with joints grouted with plain, white or coloured cement matching with the colour of the grains or that of the tiles.
Nowadays there are a large variety of these types of ceramic tiles available. Not only that! To emphasize and give some design to the flooring and wall tiles, there are different matching borders and motif tiles are available that make the entire space fully decorated and designer one.
5. Glass chips or tiles are also added now in between the ceramic tile lines mainly in the dado area to give some vibrancy to the layout.

Think About:
1. Border tiles and motif tiles that give pattern and variation to the general layout of the bathrooms.
2. Anti skid tiles are a necessity for safety. hence try to select that variety which are matt finish for floors.
3. Also think of having some stone slabs like granite or marbles or some other stone to mix and match with the tile patterns etc. These stones need 2-3 line dressing to reduce their roughness to some extent though not fully. We want to make them smooth partially not totally.

These are some different facts about the use of different materials for bathroom floors.

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abhishek said...

Its a good snap-shot for bathroom flooring. But i would like to get 1)some more TIPS from you about which bathroom flooring i should go for, and what are their advantages and disadvantages.
2) Would also like to get contact details of few shops and best available price range.

Thank you for all the information.

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