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March 31, 2008

Warm and Cosy spaces:

In order to create warm feeling and a cosy personal touch to your interiors here are a few tips!
  • Wooden flooring-wood can be used for providing warmth to any floor in your home. They are the best materials for giving the warm and cosy feel to any floor.Then comes the marble, tiles or granite,these become cold during cold climates although they are good to be used in Indian context where we want the floor to remain cool in hot climatic conditions.
  • Lighting-they help to give the very characteristics of a place. use of lantern type lights from ceiling and giving diffused illumination through proper use of light gives a cosy look. Nice looking chandeliers with dimmers can also be used for the purpose.
  • Material plays a very important role in this type of interiors.
  • Lampshades in paper or fabric giving a diffused glow can be used.
  • Water-Use of water in small urlis and some flowers and candles floating on them.
  • Candles in different forms like floating candles, tee-candles give a soft touch.
  • Soft furnishings-those which are soft and cuddly. Raw Silk and satin curtains. Number of different size cushions add to the cosiness.
  • Furniture made of wood, bamboo, rattan to be used. Less of glass and steel and stones to be used.
  • Fabrics are to be with frills and laces which are soft to touch and adds femininity to a place can be used.
  • Wall colours to be soft, subtle like beige, white, ivory or some varieties of blues can be used.

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