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March 19, 2008

Message boards to decorate your rooms !

Add interest or make a drab portion of the wall of your room inetractive by putting a message board there:

Do you want to keep the daily 'to do' list in front of you everytime..keep every little issue on the top of your mind?Think of having soft boards or message boards ordry irase boards to do the work for you..

You can have a make over of your room too by having some soft boards or cork boards on some wall of yor room.

The rooms where these type of boards really prove to be helpful are:
1. Children's room-here instead of disheartening him of writing and scribbling on the walls, encourage him to do the same..but only thing is to have a long dry erase board and soft board as the the wall protection ;)

2. In your study area in front of yout study table so that you have the enitre 'to do' list in front of you..But pshychologists say if you are intimidated by the list of works to be done in a single day and feel stressed for the same reason do not keep it in front of you all the time..try to put it in a location in your house that youvisit not so often!

3. Have a handy board at your kitchen to list down things can even list the 'to buy' items there itself ;)

4. Last but not the list you can even have a board is the bathroom !! Does it sound funny?..No it is not..Actually this is the only space where you are all by yourself and where you can concentrate your mind and your mind is undisturbed. Hence this is a good place to think through your entire list of priorities and keep them listed!!But in this case you will not be able to have a cork board here, better to put up a dry erase board in a position that does not get to much of water/moisture.

Materials for these type of boards:
1 Generally these boards are made of a thin sheet of cork over which any fabric may be put and then hung at a convenient position in the house.

2. .They can even be made up of thermocole which is fitted in a wooden or alumininum frame for rigidity.

3. Another option to make it from a thin sheet of plywood where a thin sheet of foam or textile can be put and hung on a pin.

4. The borads if they are like magnetic dry irase boards, you can put them on the body of the refrigerator or steel almirahs or other small areas. The main advantage of this type of borads is that you can stick any post-it papers or even put papers with some magnets.

5. Other than this the primitive way of having a bloack or a white slate with some chalks and a duster will serve the same purpose. Only thing is that you can make these writing slates a little decorative by adding some colourful frames to it.

Cost of these type of boards:

Most soft boards do not coat much. Although it will depend on the overall size and shape .But in general a A2 size cork board framed in wooden or aluminum will not be so costly. Though the cost of magnetic dry irase boards will be a little to high.

Purpose of these type of boards:

1. Apart from just writing the 'to do' list on a regular basis the other purposes that these boards may serve are innumerable.
2. Put up your family photos or recent photos to add attention to the boards. for this use bright good fabric matching with the general decor of the room.
3. Stick some recent news or magazine cutouts for future reference.
4. Leave some notes to your near ones when you are not at home.
5. Personalize the message borads by adding some alphabet clips or putting a brass etching or glass etching on the top of the boards.

These are some of the numerous creative ideas how you can decorate your study table or some portion of your drab wall by some interesting way by merely adding a message borad or a writing board on that wall !!

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