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January 16, 2008

Light up your Living Room!

Lights in a living room:

Lighting plays a very important role in modern day inetriors. Living rooms if illuminated properly and thoughtfully can give a sense of mystery,warmth, and elegance to the interior of a residence.

Depending on the height of the ceiling and size of the living room the types and styles of lights can be selected.

Different types of lights that can be put in a living room are:
  • wall brackets
  • chandeliers
  • standing lamps
  • spot lights
  • focus lights
  • and recessed lights on false ceiling if present.

1. In a living room there is no need for very bright lights hence try to play with lighting types and styles. No need to put task lighting in a living room-hence try to avoid tubes or bright lights in the sitting areas.

2. If there are a different types of lighting sources available then you can change the mood of the same sitting area with time and season or in accordance to your moods too!This will give variation to the same space at different times.

3. Table lamps are available in large varieties,both contemporay and traditional styles are available nowadays. So try to choose lamps that will suit the interior style of your room.

4. Standing lamps are also available in quite a range.You can put up stand types of lights at the corners of the sitting area.This will give a sense of space to the room and will make the room look larger.

5. Putting some focus lights pointed to some really nice artwork add real value in a sitting area. Generally people tend to see and find beauty of an art object only when their mind is at rest and they are sitting relaxed on a couch.Hence if you want your guests attention to be drawn to some of your collections of paintings or artworks,do add some splash of light from the front to highlight them

6. The same thing is applicable for curio collection or some collectibles which you have.If you want to display them nicely do light them properly by some spot lights.These lights can be placed on the shelves or inside the curio display units too!

7. Chandeliers add a sense of elegance to the entire sitting area.You will have to pick your style matching your interior styles and decor. Nowadays people tend to put quite a few number of chandeliers in their living as well as dining areas to make the rooms look vibrant and properly illuminated.

8. Recessed lights in the false ceiling adds a sense of contemporary look and feel to the space.

9. Some other varieties of decorative lights are available these days.These are available in a number of styles mostly in some statue or some flower vase or small fountains etc.Hence apart from serving the basic purpose of illumination they also serve as a decorative element in a sitting area.

These are a few tips about how to light up the living area of an apartment!


prasad said...

Wow.... I luv your postings n pics! They are so inviting... and feels original and unique!
.... Priya Prasad. said...

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Natasha Malhotra said...

These are excellent ideas and I remember using some of these tips when I decorated my old apartment. Thanks!

Sara said...

Wonderful interior designs!.. the entire decor has a warm cozy homely feel to it...Thanks for sharing!

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