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February 12, 2008

Room By Room Schemes:

Let us discuss and get some ideas about how to decorate a house or an apartment room by room. Here are just some key ideas to make your space look vibrant and comfortable.

The Entrance or the Hall:

These are some examples of the entrance staircase and the hallway. The entrance should be grand and welcoming. Hence warm colours can be used for the hall leading to the staircase.

All these examples show the colours chosen are quite vibrant. For a long corridor however some colour that approaches and for a smaller hall a colour that recedes should be used in a proper way.


The lounge is the area where people spend most of their time.

Hence the colour used here should not be very irritating to the mind. If very vibrant colour is used it should be used quite carefully.

These examples show how proper groupings of objects are being made to break the big lounge into small cozy corners.

The lighting of the lounge is also very important. Subdued lighting should be used to give the atmosphere of restfulness.

Dining Room:

This room is place where people tend to spend some time. Hence can be coloured in some interesting fashion.

If however it forms the integral part of the living room then it should be generally treated with the lounge as a single scheme.

The main attraction here are the centre table and the chairs and the focus should be given to the tabletop with proper illumination.


These are the places which we spend for preparing our food. These should be well illuminated either by natural lighting or else by artificial lighting.

Vibrant colour if used should be restricted to some walls and should not be fully applied over the entire kitchen as the kitchen produces warmth and its better not to use very warm colour all over in the place which adds up to more heat.


These are the most important places in the house. People take rest in these rooms hence the colour scheme of these rooms should not be such that it gives some sort of irritation to the mind.

The colour schemes should be very peaceful and restful. The examples shoe how cream or pink tints can be used in proper shades which give restful atmosphere in the rooms.

Master bedrooms should have a general scheme to the advantage of the users of the bedroom and will have some expressions of the users of the room.


The scheme of the bathroom will be dictated by the colour of the suite and if dressing room or powder room is present it will also be in the same colour sequence of the bathroom.

The colour scheme for the bathroom can be anything from grand gorgeous having vibrant colours to mild soft restful colour. The fittings fixtures, the tiles carpet, cork, floors all should be in coherence with the colour scheme selected for the walls.

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