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January 15, 2008

Designing a comfortable room for guests!

Come let us design a comfortable room for guests:
What are the important issues that are to be kept in mind while designing a room for the guest?

Here are a few tips from the designer:

1. Guest rooms are subject to be used occasionally hence no need to have the room full of furniture.Keep the room free for using it for any other purpose.Nowadays we have the space constraint,thus making one full room to be used only when guests are there does not add any real value. Hence try to plan the room for multiple use.

2. Try to have some knickknack items such as toys, statues, paintings, flower vases etc or some different types of soft furnishings that can be placed in the guest room depending on the age and mood of the new member who will be using that room for the next few days.This way your same room will act as a set for new plays or drama! Since the same room will act as the space for different age group of people with different sentiments and likings.

3. The wardrobes in a guest room are to be designed so that it serves some dual function. Try to divide the wardrobe into some compartments so that it can be opened from outside that gives the option of using them as chest by the guests. Depending on the number of people who will be using the room you can limit the number of drawers too!

4.Try to add a mirror with shelves which will act as a dressing corner for the guests.Some removable glass shelves can be placed just in front of the mirror. These will also act as normal shelves for keeping knickknack items or books in general and if the glass shelves are removed then act as a dressing table for the guests.

5. Put some bright colours on the walls. They will add to the freshness to the rooms. Try to change the soft furnishing like different shades of cushions and curtains to make the same room look different at times.

6. You can add the puja corner, study table , children's play area also to the guest room which will serve their purposes when guests are not there.

7. Add plenty of lights including spot lights, wall brackets, ceiling lights etc to the room to make it look larger and full of life.

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