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January 11, 2008

Designing a den for a bachelor:

And you thought designing a room for a bachelor would be easy!
Think it one more time!

There are so many things and ways to design a bachelor's pad.

Some of the main ideas which are to be kept in mind while designing a bechelor's room are:

1. The room should have lots of free space so that he has some options to rest and sleep or sit wherever he wants. One important issue is generally bachelor's tend to spend lots of their time with their friends. Hence the requirement of a free space is there in his room.
Hence do not cover the entire room with sofa sets and permanant sitting arrangements.Try something flexible-like futons, or low height sitting, rugs, and matresses with lots of cushions for relaxing.

2. There has to be enough number of power points both 5amps and 15amps so that he has the options of using any of them for any appliance he wants to use. Generally bachelors tend to keep all the appliances plugged to them as he is always in a hurry.

3. The ideal setup for a bachelor's room should be a studio type apartment with open kitchen, dining and living areas.

4. The microwave, mixer-grinder, iron boards should be placed at a convenient location so that he can operate them from the living/dining room itself. No need to keep those things in separate hidden areas.this concept does not work for a bachelor.

5. The colour of the room should be a colour that is liked by him in general.It does not necessaerily mean that a bachelor's room is to done in blue or grey.These colours are masculine colours-no doubt but some other lighter shades and romantic colours can be tried out like light magenta, brown, offwhite etc.

6. There should not be too mant decoarative nicknacks kept around. These need regualr cleaning/dusting which is not expected from a bachelor.Hence put some big low maintenance stuff like bis dartboards, table or standing lamps, picturs, plants to add variety in his room.

7. A major requirement for a bachelor may be his study table or a working desk.
This can be created at a corner away from the main sitting area of the apartment.There lots of open shelves will serve the purpose of stacking all his books or office materials with a working station.

8. Generally boys do love music and movies. Hence proper emphasis can be given to the TV and the music systems.Arrange the main sitting area facing the big screen television which might be the sense of his pride. No need to have a complex entertainment unit for the TV set- a simple flat table will serve the purpose.

These are some designer tips of how to decorate a bachelors room. If you are thinking of decorating a room for your brother or son or if you are planning to design a room for yourself try some of these ideas..
These will definitely help !

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