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October 12, 2008

That Space below the stairs:

Have you ever thought of that space below the stairs?
Can you think of something -some options so that you can get the most out of that space?

There are so many intelligent ways to make use of that extra space below stairs.
The other day I was visiting one of my friends and she has so cleverly designed a space at that extra space, a study nook for her little one.She has clear reasons for that. She said that nowadays we should not waste even a sq ft of space in our house.We should make good and proper use of all the space in our house in an efficient way.
In their house the staircase is going up just in front of the kitchen.Hence she has thought of the idea why not have her daughter's study space in that corner , so that she can keep an eye on her little one, help her in her studies even when she is in the kitchen.
That is the base line for getting that space designed thoroughly for a proper study space illuminated, with shelves, bookcases, study table though every thing very compact and stylish.

You can use the space space under the stairs through clever thinking process. Though the area is small and may be devoid of light you can use this space for storage purpose, study space or even small toilet.

Storage Space: The space is very good for storage. Some cabinets, shelves and drawers can be installed under stairs. Some shelves with proper spot lights from top can serve the purpose of displaying some decorative show pieces. Cabinets can be used for storing winter clothes and things which are sometimes used. Some cabinets for books and also for items that are not used regularly.
In some house if the staircase is at the entrance then the spcae can act as storage space for shoes and other items which are required to be kept handy like umbrella, torch light etc.

Home Office: Generally we get confused as to where to place the work space in our home. Think about this space now. Though the space under stairs is small, yet you can create a compact work place. Use a small desk for computer and adjustable shelf is good option for that. Have proper lights so that the space does not look claustrophobic and dark.

Study Space: This can even be transformed into a study area. There can be a study table or a computer table for working. A small library with bookshelves can be placed below the staircase to have that space transformed into a library area with working space associated with it.

Toilet: Sometimes having a small toilet below the staircase is also a good option in small apartments. The space saving idea can be used for guests.

Kid's play area: If you have kids then think of transforming the space below the stairs. Adding some nice bright colours and patterns in walls, floors and cushions etc will make the space bright and vibrant.

An extension of your living space: Nowadays with the crunch situation of space you can think of having a sofa cum bed or a diwan below the stair case. The storage bed below the staircase will act as an instant addition or extension of space for the guest in times of space requirements. or can even think of a small kitchen!!

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