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October 22, 2008

Interiors for Diwali:


Thinking of having a fresh look during the festive season and for Diwali?
Here are a few tips from the architect's desk:

Just follow the few steps in a budget and get a fresh new look and a totally bright interior this Diwali.
  • Have your old furnishings removed. Have nice bright coloured sofa covers, cushion covers, window/door curtains, carpets etc.
  • Have artificial plants/trees even flowers in vases arranged in your living or dining areas.
  • Have a false ceiling done in your living dining area. The false ceiling does not cost much if it is done only near the junction of the wall and the ceiling. This way you will add a permanent light this diwali to your living space without much money being spent.
  • If your budget permits you can have the laminates, glass shutters and the handles changed in your kitchen.
  • Just change some of the light fixtures. It is easy to introduce some spot lights in your living/dining area. Have a wooden panel at 7'6"height fixed to the wall projecting out from the wall by about 6" to 8" and fix the mounted type of spot lights to that. It is a quick and easy way to have spot lights installed in your rooms without much effort of time and money.
  • Last but not the least which most of us generally do during diwali is to have a fresh coat of paint all over. This time try to put some nice colour in your walls, not on all walls but special textured paint or bright colour in some of them. This makes the room look attractive and elegant.
Introduce a small chandelier in your living/ding area if you don't have any.

Celebrate this Diwali in a colourful, illuminated interior with sweets and gifts !! :)


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