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March 12, 2008

Your Own Movie Room!

If you are still undecided about whether to have an entertainment room or a theater room in your onw house this is the time to start looking for the different options and start doing it!Just go for not hesitate..
Nowadays so many different gadgets are available at such low prices-hence why not have a home theater room of your own at your very own house?

Now here are a few points that are to be kept in mind while you start with the idea of having a mini 'cinema hall' at your home:
1. First and foremost is the location and layout of the room. Only if there is a big spare room which is away from the noise in general, then only this kind of room is feasible.

2. Provide seating arrangements for at least 10 number of people and all seating facing the screen.
the viewing angle for each and every position should be unhindered for giving maximum satisfaction to all the viewers of the entertainment room.Also think of having some raised level seating at the back or stepped seating for the purpose.

3. Chairs that are to be used for seating may be reclining type or even normal chairs with arm rests. Try not to use high back chairs as they might block vision as well as act like buffers for sound. If there some three seater sofas that you want to use for a more informal seating you can use them here too with probably some small wooden center tables.

4. Try not to have too much glass, steel and smooth fabric in this room, as they might prove to be bad for acoustics purpose.

5. Since the screen is big enough hence distance of seating from the screen is to be maintained.Thus a room at least of size 10ft by 18ft is necessary for proper viewing.

6. For better acoustics you can have a wood paneling all round the room with wooden floors too! Do not have any windows in this room..Window if present, try to cover it by wooden slats to guard both light and sound.

7. Gadgets- The main centre of attraction for a movie room or an entertainment room is its big screen.A plasma or an LCD screen is easy to mount on the wall. Even a plain white wall or a white folding screen may be used for LCD or DLP projectors.Here you will have the flexibility to project the movie to any size according to your wish.

8. The surround sound amplifiers, speakers, sub-woofers are to be mounted at exact location to give proper audio effects.
You can also consult a professional person before installing these gadgets.

9. Lighting-this is also important to have diffused lighting in this type of room. Use dimmers to set up proper movie hall atmosphere. Proper Cabling and wiring is essential for a good movie room. Electricians installing the whole system has to have a very good sense of the entire thing to have an entertainment room which will eventually give you a sense of pride.

Hence just start nurturing the idea of having your personal 'movie room' at home.Why go to multiplexes and cinema halls and wait in long queues when you can become a proud owner of a cinema hall yourself ? ;)

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