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March 11, 2008

Disadvantages of using too much glass in interiors!

The fact that you can brighten up a living space by the use of glass and light is also true.

But the main disadvantage of the use of too much glass in an interior are the following:
1. Too much transperency inside the house-some sense of lack of privacy is there-but this can be handled if you use stained glass or etched glass or even frosted glass in places where glass is used as semipartition.
2. Regular cleaning is necessary if lots of glass partition or glass shelves are used they are to be cleaned regularly since dust on glass surfaces and with lights or them look miserable.
3. One more small risk which is there is that if you have small kids in your house be a little cautious before using all glass shutters in furniture etc. One good idea is to have the lower portion of the furniture units fitted with wood or laminates fitted on frames which can be replaced by glass as and when required.

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