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December 26, 2007



Deciding on the design of your work area depends on whether you are happy working on the kitchen table, or whether you need privacy and a businesslike atmosphere. If you work from home on a permanent basis then your interior design concepts should incorporate a design for a dedicated workspace. Otherwise, a surface that can be folded away or double as a dining table would best suit the part-time home worker.

Flexible workstation units that can be moved around and/or folded up would be the best choice for the work area in a studio apartment. Look for a design or create your own interior design concepts that will provide ample storage space for all your work related equipment, files and accessories, as well as features such as pull-out sections and adjustable shelving for maximum flexibility. A home office constructed from MDF (medium-density fibreboard) and translucent plastic on a steel frame is an ingenious interior design idea that provides storage for computer equipment and files in the door section and a pivoting, adjustable shelf to hold a computer monitor. The whole unit should be designed or purchased with the idea of being able to be closed up when not in use. By attaching castor wheels to the unit, it can be easily moved from one room to another.

Another great interior design idea for the work area is to have one side of the desk hinged to a room wall, so that when not in use the workspace can be folded down against the wall leaving an uncluttered space. Space saving computer trolleys, designed to hold computer, monitor, keyboard, printer and other equipment are widely available and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Putting your own interior design thoughts together are not as difficult as one would imagine it to be. A few basic questions should be asked to start moving in the right direction. Does my work require much specialist equipment? Can I plan in sufficient file and shelf space near to my work area for easy retrieval? Would a purpose-built mobile computer table with shelves for printer and keyboard best suit my need?

Living in a studio apartment requires that your interior design concepts should always be based on maximising space to its fullest potential and avoid clutter at all costs. A wide choice of filling and work storage systems are available, including wall-hung, stacking and mobile units to make it easier to achieve your space saving ideas. Vertically arranged designs offer the maximum storage capacity while occupying the least amount of floor space.

Remember look for flexible, space saving systems and stacking units on wheels. Don't put interior design concepts and styles before personal comfort and enhance your living space by hiding unattractive office equipment behind cupboard doors or screens.

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