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December 28, 2007


A boy's study bedroom:

A boys room should be decorated with proper thinking..
They need lot of spaces to store their toys or regular usable items.
Designers look for the following few points while creating a study bedroom for a boy.

Identifying the personality type:
Creativity should be encouraged with colorful walls and bedding, textured fabrics and lively wallpaper. To incorporate his favorite toys or animals into the design, proper design styles should be there in his study bedroom, A hand painted wall mural can be incorporated in the room, while keeping in mind that the design should last at least a few years. In lieu of committing to a specific theme for the walls, we can use mix-and-match bed linens and funky accessories to liven up the space.

Proper choice of materials:
From the floor to the ceiling and from the fabric to the furniture, everything should be washable and durable enough to withstand an active young boy. Easy-care fabrics should be chosen and rugged furniture made out of hardwoods, like maple, oak and ash should be used. It should be made sure that the painted surfaces are washable.

Designer's Secret:
Boys need room to work, relax, create and above all, play! No complex arrangements are needed here--the layout should be kept simple and the toys accessible. Older boys will appreciate desk space, while younger ones will want a comfortable floor for playing with their favorite toys.

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