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December 28, 2007

Baby 's Room:Colour Theme

Using a Color Theme

However you choose to decorate the nursery, it will have a color scheme of some sort, good, bad or indifferent. But those who take their interior design seriously often want to use color coordination as a main feature of their room decor. Walls, whether painted or covered with wallpaper, carpets and rugs, baby bedding, and even picture frames, all smoothly blending into one.

Such a design will no doubt look aesthetically pleasing if well done. But in the case of a baby room, is that really the best approach? For example, you may see many pictures of nurseries with pastel color themes, and these can look absolutely gorgeous, especially when the room's centerpiece, the crib, is elegant and of vintage design.

With baby room decor, there is a need to consider the stimulation of the baby as she grows. She will probably spend a lot of time in the crib, and later on the floor, of her room. Her eyes will roam to those objects near her, and attracted to those that most stand out, the brighter colors and most distinct shapes.

During this phase, bolder colors may be beneficial, rather than 100% pastel shades, however nice they may look. You will probably have seen some pictures of an infant's room that is all bright and bold colors, and using just about every color under the sun. That is certainly an option, though many of us would baulk at the idea of a clash of all primary and secondary colors fighting for space and attention in any room.

In the end, it is likely that compromise of some sort will be the best answer. The parents have to live with the color theme, and the baby will not care one little bit. What is important is that you integrate some ways of providing future stimulation for the baby, through such items as mobiles, pictures and crib toys.

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