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August 5, 2008

For a Stress Free Home:

Nowadays everyone is so much stressed!
Because of this problem, the spas, health clubs and these type of places are flourishing everywhere.

But we should definitely try to keep our living place tranquil and stress free.These can be achieved only if you try some of the following designer tips at your own home!

Tips from the designer's desk:
  • Use of certain colours-blue, green, aqua is very soothing to the senses and if you try to colour some of the walls in blue,green, apple white they give a sense of calmness.
  • Water bodies are good for cooling the environment and also making the interior space relaxing.
  • Try to incorporate some water features in your living/dining spaces. Aquariums, water fountains(small or large), gurgling fountains, urlis, fishtanks all have an overall stress relieving effect.
  • Light also has an important role in the environment.Try to avoid intense lights everywhere especially to your bedrooms. Have dimmers with bright lights so that you have the option of reducing it when you don't need it.
  • Have bright lights only in study areas, kitchen, entertainment, etc but try to have some zero watt bulbs in balconies where there are plenty of plants and greenery.
  • Green plants play an important role to reduce stress. Have potted plants and greenery everywhere. Hanging plants and bamboo shoots help to relax the mood of the room.
  • In water bodies have some floating candles and flowers which will help to decorate them at the same time making the environment stress free.
  • Nowadays incandescent candles are available. try to put on some incense, aromatherapy candles in th evening instead of bright lights every time.This relaxes the mood.
  • Flowers in large flower vases also relaxes the mood.If you don't have the time for getting fresh ones everyday try to put some artificial decorated ones instead! They also help a lot.
  • Wind chimes are good stress busters. Their tinkling sound refreshes the mind. Hang them in balconies, porches or in places that receive the slightest wind flow.
  • Have light coloured, light textured fabric and furnishings at least in one room specially in the bedroom to make the room feel cool and this will give the brain a sense of tranquil and relaxation.
  • Try to place your bedroom away from the noisy zones of the kitchen, Dining, Living etc
  • Do not too much mirror all over the rooms.They provide a sense of added tension and stress overall.

The above tips though may look really simple are of real value if you want to reduce stress overall in your life!

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