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July 1, 2008

Geometric patterns in interiors:

Geometric patterns used in contrast with floral or wild prints gives a sense of contemporary style and create interesting interiors for modern homes.

Try to experiment something with straight lines and curved lines in furniture. This will give an interesting character to the interior of your home. Use animal prints and/floral prints in cushion covers and soft furnishings to add variety in the interior.For instance, the sofas and other main furniture in a home are geometrical in shape. The use of artificial flowers allows for a break in the geometrical pattern.

The living room sofas can have a floral back while the plain colour from the background of the floral pattern can be used on the seat and hands. The use of geometrical shapes, be it in cushions, in curtains in the form of checks, stripes allow for more vibrant colours like yellow, orange, red and green as against floral patterns, which allow for only softer colours.

All forms are derived from geometry. The use of geometry is oriented to the space available and the individual preference of the user. Various geometric patterns like circles, squares, rectangular shapes and designs are widely used in contemporary homes. It could be symmetrical geometry or asymmetrical geometry.
Colour is an important decorating tool which has the power to change the shape and look of the room. Checks, stripes and geometric designs can dramatically brighten up a room, while floral patterns can give it the pleasing look.

From a visual standpoint, stripes can create an illusion. A vertically striped wallpaper in a room can make the room look taller while stripes that run horizontally, will gives the illusion of wider spaces, which is sometimes ideal in very large rooms. Large stripes in a small space may be too much, just as narrow stripes in a large room. One has to hence decide and understand the basic structure of the house before experimenting.

Decorate the living room with this modern theme of geometric patterns:
For a very basic conceptual style use the following tips for decorating:
  • Have light coloured straight edged sofa sets, or the sofa can be totally curved in a semi circle or circular form
  • Have cushions in bright colours in stripes and checks. or they may even be solid colours or in polka dots or large circles or a mix and match of the colours and stripes. Another option having a visual variety in the interior is to have a set of soft furnishings of different styles and shades ready so that you can create a different mood and style whenever you feel like by merely changing some cushion covers or curtains and carpets.
  • Have some different styles and patterned carpets for having varieties in the same interior
  • The furniture should be sleek, low-level and kept to a bare minimum
  • The same is applicable for other furniture like the light stands or table lamps or the lamp shades if there are any. Have very sleek and lined patterns repeat on them too.
  • Round and square center tables are good for this type of geometric interior. It is better to have glass or brushed steel table in the center. Or you can even have a square wooden straight sided in regular square or rectangular shape to highlight the same geometric pattern repeat in the form of the furniture.
  • The decorative items whatever present should be plain and simple in nature. Do not decorate the room with different complex pictures or decorative items.
  • Have some solid coloured paintings or patterns on the walls for the paintings. They will help to repeat the same theme of geometric style repeat them in the interior.

Keep these basic clues in mind and then allow your creativity and imagination to play with geometrical designs and floral patterns to achieve an effective contrast.

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