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February 29, 2008


Orderly Cabinets

Proper access should be kept in mind; it's easier to stay organized when we can reach the things we need on a regular basis. We will also have to consider how using storage might affect traffic flow through the kitchen.

Pullout Perfection

Pullouts make kitchen
storage convenient.

Usually fixed inside a cabinet, these vertical slots for baking trays travel on a platform supported by ball-bearing drawer guides. The ready access translates into less bending and reaching. Continuing the same theme, pans and other kitchen paraphernalia nestle on convenient sliding shelves.

At the Fingertips

The best storage tricks create interiors that are visually accessible and easily reachable, making it simple to see what we do and don't have. A pullout cabinet with wire racks keeps spices, oils, and vinegars visible as well as organized.

Wire racks make scanning labels easy.

Creative Corners

The corner space should not be wasted.

Spotting potential takes a creative mind. Angled or contoured surfaces often surrender valuable room to fixed structural elements. Instead, this island includes a tiered spice rack tucked behind an angled bump in the cabinet, saving steps and a lot of time for a busy cook.

Specialized Spaces

Some of the best spaces in our kitchen might be hiding. We will have to take a fresh look at space which might have been overlooked, and ways we might use it to add function to your kitchen.

Decent Drawers

Attractive storage drawers can be created
With proper care and decency

Storage in a backsplash isn't usually an option, but a pass-through wall into an adjacent dining room provides the depth for this stylish set of apothecary drawers. Small cubby drawers like these are an increasingly popular option in kitchen renovations, adding a lot of organizational punch in a compact and attractive package.

Feeding Station

Even pets have a vested interest in a well-planned kitchen. We can treat our dogs to a custom food drawer that elevates their meal for easier gobbling. The drawer is simply turned upside down and retrofit with stainless-steel bowls: Openings are cut in the drawer bottom just slightly smaller than the rim of the bowls; if the bowls are deeper than the drawer, they should be removed when not in use. Shallow bowls can be used and "leftovers" can be tucked away for the next meal.

Custom-made drawers for dogs or pets

Working Window

A window seat alternative.

Most window seats or built-in benches feature hinged seats that open for storage, but this alternative features drawers perfectly suited for storing linens, place mats, and oversized items. Or, an open niche underneath the seat could easily accommodate cookbooks, small appliances, or decorative serving ware.

Out of sight storage:

Stunning "storage" in a hutch.

Storage spaces can be given a very stunning look. Behind its furniture-like facade, this built-in maple dining room hutch has abundant space. Open shelves on top with built-in recessed lights artfully display the homeowners' collection of fine glassware. Generous-sized drawers below keep china and linens accessible but out of view. Attached to one end is a slab of dark granite, which is used as a serving buffet.

Storage hidden in the background

Even the most generous storage spaces can be unobtrusive. With simple white doors, this row of closets blends seamlessly into the background when closed. Open doors reveal a meticulously planned combination of drawers and shelves. Recessed lights inside the closets triggered by opening the doors ensure that you'll never leave the house with mismatched clothing. Additional storage comes from a built-in bookcase.

Simple as child's play.

A simple storage design can make life so much easier. Clean up time is now a cinch for these kids, thanks to the three pull-down toy bins built under this window seat. Flanking bookcases and numerous well-designed cubbyholes offer space for bigger toys and books.

Tucked under the stairs.

Room for storage can be found in the unlikeliest places, even under the stairway. Rather than cover the area with drywall, these homeowners carved stereo shelves, display niches, and a fold-down work desk around the posts that support the stairs. Open treads allow natural light to reach this newfound space.

Built in Storage Spaces:

Built-in bookcases expand a
narrow room's usefulness.

Everything in a house should be useful. So if there was a need for bookshelves, the best solution to find the proper space is into the wall, so best idea is to build them in.

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