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February 28, 2008

Curio Cabinets:

Are you a great collector of show pieces?Do you like the traditional styles of showcasing your knick knacks so that all your guests can see them and admire them?Then think of having a nice tall Curio Cabinet at your home..

But when you decide to have one of these either to buy a ready made one available from the market or you decide to make one by your carpenter, several things are to be borne in mind.
Here are some tips from me..

1. Decide on the type of unit you want to have.Will it be a traditional or a contemporary unit?Decide on the colour of wood.
Generally curio cabinets look good if they are nicely polished. Decide on the colour to be used.
Do you have lots of crystal or silver ware or glass items?think of having the unit polished in some dark colour.

2. Definitely have some spot lights fixed on the unit which will make all your showpieces dazzle and prominent.You can even switch of the main lights of your living room at times and light on this unit to give full emphasis on the collection, so that your guests don't even miss a single piece.. Sssh these are some secrets, don't tell anyone ;)

3. Put some nice brass or antique looking handles to the shutters of the unit if you are having a traditional type..otherwise sleek steel handles will go well with the contemporary kind.

4. Glass is the sole and heart of this kind of unit. Make all the shutters covered with good quality transparent glass,they may be etched at the sides making the unit aesthetically beautiful. Put glass shelves inside so that light comes to each and every item present inside.
5. The full unit can be covered with full glass shutters or it can be broken into two parts-the upper part being the curio unit and lower one covered and for storage.

6. Various shapes and sizes can be given to the unit.It can be a sleek tall one, or a broad elegant with mirrors at the back, or a round type or even a corner piece fitting so well in the dining room or living room corner.
7. Thinking on the lines of a traditional curio unit?Then how about having some nice beadings or mouldings or engravings on the head of the unit that will make it look real classic?Apply your own ideas and innovativeness and have a grand unit to showcase all your collectibles that you have collected so emotionally and have brought carefully from so far.

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