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January 2, 2008



A girl's study bedroom can be designed with lots of innovation and creativeness.
There are so many design ideas and themes to choose from for a girl's bedroom.
One has to understand her liking and taste before designing a study bedroom which will be liked by her immensely.

Identifying the personality type
Depending on what sort of colours, animals, toys, dolls she likes-the basic choice for wall colours, wall papers, fabrics for doors and windows, cushion covers, beds and carpets are to be selected.
It is not always necessary that a girl's room has to be in pink or purple colour..there are so many colours to choose from. Ask the lady herself her favorite colour and paint the walls with that.

Different themes are there for a girls room. Some of these are:
  • Sugar and Spice
  • Ocean
  • Cottage Style
  • Color Themes
  • Butterflies, Bees, and Dragonflies
  • Cats, Dogs, and More
  • Princesses and Castles
  • Tea Party
  • Sports
  • Storybook Characters
  • French Rooms
  • Shabby Elegant
Proper choice of materials
From the floor to the ceiling and from the fabric to the furniture, everything should be washable and soft feel have to be there. Easy-care fabrics should be chosen. If the little lady is in an age of learning and scribbling on walls then either provide a dry erase board or a sweat board in her room at her height and make sure that the paint on the walls are washable.

Designer's Secret
Girl's room should be space which is really a space created as if her dreams come alive!
Design it with warmth, creativity, softness and lots of storage space. The storage space is required to store her pay items, dolls, toys as well as books, cds, pens, pencils etc. labeled storage drawers or boxes can be used for this purposes. Thus from the very beginning she will be able to learn how to organise items at proper places that too with less effort :)

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