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January 3, 2008

Dressing up windows beautifully:

Curtains for windows:

Practically any material can be used for curtains, provided it drapes or folds well, since any weave that is likely to go out of shape unduly can have this tendency counteracted by being mounted on suitable linings and weighted if necessary. If the material is particularly fragile, and you intend to take advantage of its delicacy, then obviously linings would destroy this effect, so sheers, nets or laces made from the stronger synthetic fibres and weaves already discussed would be ideal.

On the other hand, if you want to use a particularly coarse material that does not fold neatly or drape well, then other methods of hanging can be found. To show the material to advantage it can be scalloped at the head and hung from the apex points, used in blind form or made simply as a dressing fabric, stretched or hung in a very simple and straightforward manner.

Window designs vary a great deal, so a thorough inspection is needed to check whether you can have uninterrupted banks of curtaining, billowing or flowing, smartly tailored or neatly rouched and anchored. Sometimes you may need to use curtaining to adjust irregularities or negotiate awkwardly opening lights. This may involve some constructional treatment, with or without a pelmet board.

Curtains look best if you provide ample material, from 50-100% more than the width of the opening depending on the thickness of the material. When choosing a material the 'essence' is very important to establish: for instance, whether you want a craft-based and comfortable atmosphere or a smooth and impressively opulent appearance. Once this has been determined, you know the type of materials you must seek and can then decide on the type of pattern or texture that is needed to confirm the impression you wish to create.


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