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January 5, 2008


In this type of kitchen the cabinetry's versatility in expressing either traditional or contemporary styling makes it the ideal choice for a wide variety of design applications.

Commercial range and oven, ample work surfaces and convenient, visible storage are framed by sleek grey gloss laminate cabinetry trimmed with dark grey stained oak in this ultimate expression of high-tech design.

Gentle sweeping curves and rich details create a comfortable, contemporary environment in this kitchen. Recessed cabinetry in a white finish gives this kitchen a timeless quality.

This is a soft simple and gleaming type of a kitchen. The type of d├ęcor evokes the feeling of long, white stretches of beach and perfect, sun-filled days. Now we can transplant that feeling to the city, the suburbs, or even the countryside—and transforming it into a kitchen. There’s something enduring about this style.

The furniture here are in a dramatic high gloss finish, epitomizes the elegance and sophistication of contemporary styling.

This kitchen has a crisp, clean, seamless look. Bold, but not overwhelming, contemporary and affordable. Perfectly in tune with today’s more “relaxed” decors. This is done in basic white laminate, the warm Almond laminate. It can also be done in crisp Folkstone, or a fine quality oak or maple veneer. This door style makes it easy to give the kitchen the up-to-date look which is present in the other rooms of the house.

This kitchen and the cabinets of this kitchen are designed so that they look very sophisticated. It is done in crisp, true white, with special one-piece door construction to eliminate the warping, expansion and contraction that can cause cracks. And, because of its handsome raised-panel design the furniture of this type of kitchen is adaptable. It can make a modern kitchen look more traditional…or vice versa.

This is a kitchen that is warm and welcoming with all the durability which is expected from tough, hard-wearing laminates. A striking blend of fully-integrated solid oak pulls with White, Folkstone or Almond laminate surfaces is created here. This kitchen could also be designed in a unified all-wood look by selecting fine oak veneer. The results are inviting, contemporary, sophisticated.

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