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December 28, 2007




The timeless elegance of Wrought Iron Furniture is not found elsewhere in the Casual Furniture Industry. Manufacturers are constantly developing "new" designs that imitate the enduring beauty that is evident in all hand-wrought products. Wrought Iron Patio Furniture has many advantages over other types of casual furniture:

The light, airy design adds interest to any setting, furnishing the area without making a bold design or color statement.
The traditional styling provides a more formal look not available in many designs which can appear too contemporary for the desired location.
Numerous pieces can be placed when a large amount of seating is necessary, without crowding the look of the setting.
Mesh designs do not need cushions to provide comfortable seating and are instantly usable even after heavy rainfall, by merely wiping with a cloth or paper towel.
Wrought Iron Furniture enjoys lower price points than other types of furniture, because steel is less expensive than any other frame material.

Wrought Iron Furniture is made from heavy gauge, low carbon rolled steel. State-of-the-art paint systems are used by the manufacturers to provide strong, durable finishes. However, a ruling by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the early 80's banned the use of lead in the primer coat on steel products. This policy represented the loss of the most effective way of retarding the rusting of steel products. The result is that rust appears sooner on Wrought Iron Furniture than was evident in furniture of earlier manufacture.

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