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December 28, 2007

Baby 's Room: Animal Theme

Animal Baby Room Theme:

It is very easy to get babies looking at animal pictures as the months pass, and they grow from the newborn to infant stage. Using an animal theme as the basis for a nursery's decor is probably one of the best, and most popular choices. With such a variety of interesting shapes and colors, and with all their very different faces, animals can be a great stimulant to an infant, and great fun for the parents to show, and use as a teaching aid. The stores have a good supply of animal bedding, pictures and other wall hangings, and even rugs and cribs with animal pictures.

There are, of course, many other possible themes you can choose for decorating your baby's room. Even a popular adult style such as Western can be used effectively. After all, a few cows and horses around the room will be well received by the baby later on. It is all a matter of what you as parents are happy with, balanced with the needs of the baby. Anyway, there is no need to have a theme at all; I am sure the baby will never complain. You may get everything looking perfect, and visitors gasping when they see the finely decorated nursery. But one thing is certain, the baby's first sentence will not be: "Oh, Mom and Dad thanks so much for the wonderful bedroom decor you did for me before I was born." However, you will get lots of fun later out of showing her the pictures on the wall and elsewhere, and in return she will give you lots of smiles and giggles.

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